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Hey everyone. I'm in the boat market so I joined the forums of the boats I like, Pioneer, keywest, Tidewater and Sea fox. I was in the Nautic Star page but quickly eliminated that from the list after seeing 80% of the post with a list of complaints. Look forward to lurking and asking some question.
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Welcome! Ask away - this forum is relatively new and small, but I try to stay active. The more we're active the better it will be!

I haven't met a Pioneer owner (yet) that didn't love their boat! I've owned mine for just shy of 3 years and my only complaint is that they don't make a larger hull with twin engines! :lol:
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Thanks mfive. I'm in the Tampa bay area. Would be interested in dealer experiences. Looking to take the family to a beach, sandbar, near reef and flats/bay fishing.
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Welcome jpaus!! I spent several moths looking around at those same boats and kept coming back to the Pioneer. I bought mine back in April and love the boat! As you do research on it, you won't find very many complaints. Most of the ones I found were from the early models.

Tamp Bay area, huh? I lived in Lakeland for 25 years. We still go back once in a while to visit in-laws and kids. We'll be heading up there with the boat to go to Homosassa for scallop season.

Anyway, like mfive said, any questions just ask away!

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