Install After Manufacture Stereo Speakers

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I have a Pioneer 180 Sportfish. Can stereo speakers be installed in the sides of the boat? I thought Pioneer left a pre-installed raceway in the sides of the boat for after manufacture installation of a stereo system? Any help or insight on this project would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your assistance in this matter.
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You should have two access holes on each side of the boat. Take a look in there, I am pretty sure the 180s are like the 197s in that there is a conduit or piece of plastic tubing. I would think that running wires to speakers would be a royal pain in the ass to mount them in the sides of the hull.

I mounted mine in the console right in the middle about where your knees would be when driving the boat and have been happy with it. Super easy to install as well. I can snap a picture if you'd like.
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