Marine Fridge 12V vs Regular 115V with inverter

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Ok Guys, I discovered the fridge on my 38 convertiable was 115v only (must have been replaced by previous owner or maybe never was 12v) after my first year of use. I like to have my fridge working when im out and im not running the generator all the time to do it.

I can buy a bar fridge many places for cheap and put it on an inverter. The whole package might cost $450. When i looked at the dedicated marine 12v fridge they are like $1200 !!

Has anyone used a regular fridge on an inverter?? If so how does it work for you on battery power? Has anyone had both that they can compare. What are some of the more efficent models out there for in 12v.??

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Interesting topic - I assume this isn't on a Pioneer. I'm not sure which way to suggest but some food for thought...

Would an inverter + AC-powered fridge draw more power than a pure DC option?
Would a non-marine fridge hold up to the elements (humidity, moisture, etc.)?

I found some AC/DC fridges for way less than $1200. What size is yours?
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